G’day Mate!

Thank you for stopping by to visit me – I am pumped you’re here!

The G’day might have given it away, but if it didn’t, I’m not faking it – I promise I am a true blue vegemite loving Australian Girl.

As destiny has it – I ended up here in the USA after I fell in love with a devilishly handsome active duty US Marine. I knew the night that I met my husband that I was going to marry him. True to my word, we fell in love, had a whirlwind romance and we married on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia over a decade ago. We now live in Southern California with our 8 year old rambunctious dog-child and our beautiful little blue eyed boy – who just turned 4 and makes our hearts burst with happiness every moment of the day. We are so very blessed!

Did you notice the anchors and fishing references all over? No? – Let me tell you a little about them and why they are so special to me. My father was my best friend. In 2013 we lost him after a 400 day battle with cancer at just 54 years of age. He was quite the fisherman and so many of my childhood memories involve him, me, my siblings, a fishing rod in my hand and an anchor thrown over the boat making memories. An anchor is a perfect way to describe my Dad. It’s a heavy weight that holds a ship in place – remaining firm and steadfast amid the uncertainty of storms and the elements. This was my Father. Everyone’s anchor. He was also one of the biggest supporters on my photography making me promise that I would never quit. It wasn’t until he left us that I realized that photography is the only way of freezing time. It’s not until we look at a moment in a photograph that we truly relive it again. What’s that saying? “if you don’t think photos are important… wait until they are the only thing left” 

This is why I say DON’T WAIT! Document those moments that are special to you – if not with me, SOMEONE… but just do it. I promise that you’re perfect the way you are, you don’t need to lose weight, you don’t have to wait for anything. Photographs are the one thing that stay behind once you are gone. Life moves so quickly and once this moment is gone, you have forever lost the chance to capture it. We can never go back in time, but what we CAN do is create priceless reminders that will last a lifetime.

Phew, glad I got that off my chest.

So what are some other important things to me other than family, friends and photography?

1. Travel: (I have been to about 70 countries and I am not slowing down anytime soon!)

2. Soccer: I have played since I was 6 years old and have been fortunate to play all over the world. I’d probably bleed soccer balls if I could.

3. People. Peeeeoooppplllle. – I.love.people! I love their connections, their stories, their emotions, their love for each other and my favourite part is when strangers become my friends.

4. Languages: I am fluent in Italian from my time living there – I dabble in a bunch of other languages – I love learning and communicating with people from all over the world!

5. and a bunch of others all jammed into one? – I have a habit of overusing smiley faces and exclamation points!!!! My favourite word is serendipitous. I chew my nails, I scrunch my nose when I laugh, I use my hands way too much when I talk. I have a story for everything. I spend too much money at coffee shops. I love to snowboard. I am super goofy, sarcastic and love to make people laugh and lastly –  I believe in kindness & karma.

My aspiration as your photographer is to give you my whole-hearted dedication in capturing beautiful moments for whatever your occasion might be. My photography is unique. Just like YOU.

I’m ready if you are!