G’day Mate!

So nice to meet you! There are a bazillion things I could tell you about myself – but you’d probably pick up on a bunch of them just by meeting with me. (so let’s meet!) What’s my specialty you ask? People.


The G’day might have given it away, but obviously I am a true blue vegemite loving Australian Girl. Most people that meet me here in America try to imitate my accent within 3 seconds of meeting me. (You’re doing it right now aren’t you?)  No, I don’t know Paul Hogan  – Crocodile Dundee. (or his really big knife) & yes we really eat Vegemite.

My heart belongs to a very, devilishly handsome US Marine. (who looks SO good in his uniform!) I knew the night that I met DJ that I was going to marry him. True to my word, we fell in love, we married on the beach in Australia– and we now live in Southern California with our 8 year old rambunctious dog-child, Sariah… and our beautiful little blue eyed boy – who just turned 4!  I believe we have a love story better than the Notebook. I am a very proud Military wife!

Other honorable mentions? – I have a degree in Journalism from James Cook University, Australia. I lost count of how many countries I have travelled to but it is over 65! I have photographed in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, England, Mexico, Germany, Jamaica, Samoa & many other places. I LOVE to travel. I am fluent in Italian. I have been fortunate enough to play soccer all over the world! Like photography, soccer makes me happy. If I don’t have a camera in my hand, I will be on the soccer field. I haven’t yet attempted to play soccer with a camera in my hand. Although that would make for some interesting photos! I have a habit of overusing smiley faces and exclamation points!!!! 🙂 – see! I talk with my hands. I chew my nails. I scrunch my nose when I laugh. I have a love hate relationship with Coca Cola & frozen yogurt. Although not together. That’s just gross. I spend too much money at Coffee Shops. I love to snowboard.  I am a constant giver. I am pretty goofy & love to make people laugh. In a recent social media poll – the most used word my friends used to describe me was ‘vivacious’. I believe in kindness & karma. I believe that Imagery is very powerful.

Which brings me to something that owns the other half of my heart. Photography. I have always considered photography as a way of freezing time. It’s not until we look at a moment in a photograph that we truly relive it again. What’s that saying? “if you don’t think photos are important… wait until they are the only thing left” My aspiration as your photographer is to give you my whole-hearted dedication in capturing beautiful moments for whatever your occasion might be. My photography is unique. Just like YOU.

My Father would always say ‘the world isn’t filled with strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet” This is the part where I say.. I don’t want to be JUST your photographer… I want to be your friend, so lets hang out!