Master Schutts Nursery Reveal!

This nursery has been a project in the making for months now. MONTHS!

We chipped away at it a little here and a little there & what do you know.. next thing I know… I am already 38 weeks along! We knew we had to get our hiney’s into action because he’s going to be here ANY moment now!   I am SO happy to say it is FINISHED. FINITO. DONESKIS. Phew! I am also happy to report that it is EASILY my favorite room in the whooolllle house.

I tried to be as hands on with this room as possible because I figured we are going to be spending a LOT of time in there for the next… well… for years! (along with the fact that I am a bit of a control freak!) That meant I pretty much handmade or at least made over 80% of what you see in the room. From the cushions, hanging pom poms and lanterns, art, paint, shelves, closet dividers…. We knew that we were going to try and incorporate as many little special & meaningful touches into this room as we could. We decided to stick with a nautical theme. because truth be told, the whole nautical theme is a constant reminder of my Dad. My Father was a crazy, avid fisherman. He loved all things boat, water, anchor – he loved fishing. Just before he passed away he made us promise that we would teach this little man how to fish. =) He was also a classic prankster & enjoyed telling jokes & stories that would get you hook..line..sinker! (<–see what I did there? ) We loved the combinations of navy blue, grey, white with pops of orange… which coincidently happens to be Denver Bronco’s colors! =) This original swatch was our inspiration!


The room started off a super boring hospital white. Super boring. We taped it off.. & painted it a two-toned grey because we knew we wanted at least 3 different hues of grey! Next after countless hours of disliking ALL the new cheapy/flimsy crib/cots & rocker/gliders & dressers out there on the market – I finally came across a second hand set that was solid wood, built beautifully with dovetailed edgings. They just don’t make furniture like this anymore. Not only was it a STEAL i feel like I ripped them off of a price… but it was perfect for my vision! Except for one thing. It was a pukey-yellow color. I then found an awesome Ethan Allen bedside table (also dovetailed!!) that was not an appealing color either.  SO – I cleaned all the furniture until my nails almost fell off, removed all the hardware (pulls, knobs etc) sanded all the pieces back with my trusty orbital sander & face mask that made my new neighbors think I was an axe murderer, I then primed the crib, dresser, bedside table, glider and ottoman –  and painted them all! (relax people, I used a non-voc, non toxic, child-safe paint which IF you ever plan to do something similar… I highly recommend)

The rocker/ottoman & bedside table got a beautiful pearl white finish and the dresser and crib were finished with a gun metal grey that complimented the walls. I finished all the pieces with a poly protective coating (because if this child is anything like his father or I, these pieces need to sustain cannonballs, kicks, whacks and hard knocks!)  I then spray painted the dresser & drawer hardware with Rustoleum’s Hammered in Dark Bronze and put them back on the dresser and table. I then lined the drawers with this super cute paper I found in home goods and Voila! Furniture fit for a King =)

Here’s all the work in progress/before pics  (sorry about the awful iPhone pics!) As you can see my trusty sidekick and awfully proud big sister-to be was sun baking  glued to my side the entire time!




AND….. Here’s the final product! Master Schutt’s Nursery!


As you can see – these are the drawers that I lined… and then here’s the refinished dresser. Big difference huh?


I love these little anchors on his sheets! Also there’s something special about each one of these little guys – (L-R) Tennyson was a gift from my lovely friend Julie. Tennyson was her son’s teddy and I think it is very special that he was willing to share =) Massimo, the lion is a heartbeat bear. He’s got Quin’s recorded heartbeat from our very first 3D scan together! Womby the Wombat was given to me by my very dear friend Bree, right after my Dad’s funeral. For those that don’t know… Wombat was my Father’s nickname. Ironically, its the only toy that my puppy is OBSESSED with. A few times I have gotten a complete fright because she will bring it to me and leave it at my feet. Almost like Dad made her do it! Finally, meet CJ the Von Maur Bear! My wonderful Parents-in-Law sent Q this for the baby shower – its almost a replica to the one that DJ had as a little boy. <3


I also made these little closet dividers as well to separate all his clothes. SO.MANY.CLOTHES!!!!!!!


Also… what would his nursery be without a little Australian fusion?! We have my favorite books from when I was a child, some hilarious (but very well illustrated) Australian books about rugby and other various Aussie stereotypes… AND Kanga the Red Roo! (thanks for the cute little ‘Roo, Daniel!)

I know that Q won’t give a care in the world to his surroundings (at first, anyway) or even realize the effort we put into this Nursery..but for DJ and I – its about the memories we will create in this room and the stories we will tell him <3

I also had some trouble finding a nautical/sea inspired crib mobile that I liked. A friend of mine had given me her son’s old mobile (it was a Boston Red Sox Mobile that plays ‘take me out to the ballgame’) Anyone that REALLY knows DJ, knows that the whole Boston thing is not going to fly with HIS son.. so I changed it up a little and repurposed it! I even added little sinkers to the bottom of each thread. This is what I came up with =)


We added a few more little special touches like this heart frame. I couldn’t bear to throw away any of the beautiful handwritten cards that I received at my baby shower so I punched a heart in each card, and turned it into this little piece of art to hang.


Lastly the most important frame in his whole room is this one. For those that don’t know – we wanted our little man to always know about the 2 important, wonderful men he was named after. Our wonderful friend, Michael (Quin) who was tragically killed in a helicopter crash in 2012 & my hero – my father , who lost his battle to colon cancer 5 months ago.  Now he will have a daily reminder of how he got his name, Quintin Marcus. (and we like to think they both will be looking over him)


What do you think? We are pretty chuffed with ourselves!


P.S – I have been getting some questions about where everything came from so here goes!

Crib/Dresser/Bedside table/Rocker & Ottoman: Craigslist steals that I repurposed/repainted by hand.

Lamp: Kirklands

Pom Poms/hanging lanterns/Buntings all handmade by me with paper/supplies from: Just Artifacts

Frames: Ikea & Hobby Lobby (all spray painted white by me)

Sheepskin ottoman cover & brown nautical cushion: Ikea

all shelving: Ikea (repainted by me spice racks/floating shelves)

Boat in a bottle, American flag Trunk, Letter “Q” & Wooden Box: Hobby Lobby

Closet Separators: handmade by  me with supplies from Michaels Arts & Crafts

Anchor & Chain Cushion covers: Motion 52 (etsy)

Nautical Orange & Blue Baby Blanket: Textile Trolley (etsy)

Crib Bedding (sheet, skirt & change pad cover): Blvd 67 (etsy)

Navy Blue Rug & Nautical Curtains: Target

Printed Art for frames: The Print Annex

Crib Mobile: old hand me down mobile, nautical dye cuts from LESLISDESIGN (Etsy) Beads/hemp string from Hobby Lobby

5 thoughts on “Master Schutts Nursery Reveal!

  1. This just made me tear up a bit! I am so happy for you & honestly, so jealous! I know you will be a great mom & just by the looks of it, he’s already loved & spoiled by a lot of people. Enjoy motherhood & can’t wait to see more photos! 🙂

  2. Hi Angie this story is just amazing xxxx Absolutely love the nursery xx and I have tears over how you chose his name xxxxx Your dad would be soooo proud xxxxxx

  3. This is by far the coolest nursery in the world and believe me I have seen it all……so great. xo I am your moms friend from high school – cindy pierce – now cindy novotny…

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