Want to Meet, Greet & Eat? That sounds like a perfect way to get to know you ANDDDDDD you get to know me, too! Starbucks? Sprinkles Cupcakes? Let’s share a coffee, cupcake & chat about life! We’ll probably become friends! I love new friends! My favourite word is serendipititous. I love coffee. I love to travel. I have been known to be a bit of a vagabond at times. Since traveling is one of my favorite activities, I tend to incorporate it in everything I do. Therefore, I am more than willing (quite HAPPY actually…) to travel for photo shoots, weddings & life in general. You just tell me where & when & we can work something out!

If you think you found what you’re looking for then the next step is to contact me to set up a free consultation and go over all your expectations! Can’t do coffee? No problems – I can also Skype or Facetime!