When my good friend Elena asked me if I could take pictures of her Family – how could I say No? I mean, come on….have you seen her family? one word: CAAAH-YUTE!

I know that when a newborn comes into the family it can be pretty chaotic.. especially if you have another little one running around, (read: Ava aka miss energetic!) but i saw NO chaos for this shoot! No dirty T-shirts, no spitup on Daddy’s shirt, not a crinkle or a mark. It made me wonder – am I really shooting a REAL family? The Arroyo’s hold it together with grace, composure and sheer happiness. And these photos are the evidence! It leaves me wondering one thing though…. Can i be part of your family too? (puh-lease?)

you can see some of the other Arroyo photo’s here

Family fun Day! 
I love the lonely flower… discarded so she could run to me
I love this one of Dean and Ava. The cutest brother and sister! – We were playing twinkle twinkle…
I adore this. I caught Ava at a very raw moment where she was looking for butterflies!
A beautiful moment between Father and Son {sigh}
I should call this the Garden of e-Dean =)
Oh Ava – How innocent you are
I have a weakness for baby spit bubbles! all together now… naaaawwww!
How precious new little babies are! 
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