Baby Schutt #2 is a……..

At the end of the day, coming off a miscarriage of a little boy in July last year – we prayed for healthy. Be it a boy or girl…we honestly didn’t care. Q-man has been adamant that it was a boy… but asked for a sister from the get-go (secretly we believe it is so he wouldn’t have to share his toys!)

We didn’t do a big reveal or a party or anything… just something small and intimate. We decided on a soccer ball (for obvious reasons haha) that DJ could kick so that we could find out the sex of the baby at exactly the same time. That dang ball got stuck in shipping backlog for a week due to the government shutdown and then we had to wait another entire week because it was raining/flooding in California. What a painful wait that was to know the ball was right there with the sex of our baby and we couldn’t kick it due to the torrential rain!

Thank you to our neighbors, The Noel’s, who kept the secret from the world (as they ordered the ball with the correct color powder!) and our friends the Lenarts for taking the pictures on the ONE sunny day we had in weeks!

What a blessing it is to have these memories captured! We are very, very excited and can’t wait to welcome this little baby in July!

see the photos here:

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